ShopMetrics Mobile

What Is ShopMetrics Mobile?

ShopMetrics Mobile is the online/offline that is the alternative to Gigspot. This mobile app can be downloaded in the app store for Apple/iOS and Android devices.

Why Should I Care About MoblAudit?

ShopMetrics Mobile allows you to access assignment information in an easy-to-use interface built for your Apple or  Android device.   This includes accessing assignment guidelines and providing the ability to begin to complete the shop form during or immediately after the experience.

How Does It Work

  1. Download the app from the Apple or Google app store.
  2. Add your Sentry account.
    1. The server URL is
  3. Login to your Sentry ShopMetrics account using the same user id and password that you use to log in via your desktop or laptop

From here, the experience should be very similar to what you see on your desktop/laptop computer.

Why Use ShopMetrics Mobile?

ShopMetrics mobile is a terrific mobile app that can enhance your mystery shopping experience and help you work more efficiently and effectively.

ShopMetrics Mobile allows shoppers who do not use the Gigspot mobile app to access the Sentry ShopMetrics website from their mobile device. This means you can search for assignments, complete certifications, review assignment guidelines and even complete some of the survey form during or shortly after your experience. 

ShopMetrics Mobile App