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The software we use for mystery shopping is ShopMetrics.  ShopMetrics is used by shoppers to create and maintain their profiles, search for assignments, accept assignments, and submit shop reports for completed assignments.

Our assignments also appear on the Gigspot platform. Our site’s information is geared toward shoppers using the ShopMetrics platform.

The preferred web browsers are Chrome and Firefox.   The shopper website will work with Safari and other browsers, however, some formatting issues may occur. We do not suggest using Microsoft Edge at this time.

What Every Shopper Needs

Everyone needs the proper tools to do their job, and being a mystery shopper is no different. To be a successful shopper for Sentry, you will need the following:

  • Minimum 18 years old (some projects may require a higher age)
  • Reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license
  • Valid social security number, social insurance number, or EIN
    Reliable desktop or laptop computer running a current version of Mac OS X or Windows
  • Reliable high-speed internet access
    Sufficient working capital to allow for a purchase reimbursement

    • We suggest starting with $300 – $500 in a bank account dedicated to your mystery shopping activities
    • Many shoppers will accept assignments that don’t require reimbursement until they can set aside a sufficient amount of working capital
  • At least one valid phone number where we can reach you
  • Email with an appropriate email address
    • Avoid using an email address with any reference to being a mystery shopper


The Certifications contain the requirements for each assignment.

It is very important that you review the correct certification and pass the quiz before you submit an application for a project that you would like to complete.

Shoppers who apply for assignments after they pass the certification quiz are given greater preference over those who do not. 


The Notifications settings can be found by clicking on the My Settings button.  This is where you go to update your preferences for receiving emails or if you wish to deactivate your profile.


Each one of our projects has unique qualities and requirements.  To be in the best position to complete an assignment successfully, you must review all of the pre-visit material before beginning the assignment.  This is true even if you have performed the assignment previously because small details can change, and/or clients may request a special scenario be used for the evaluation.

It is critical that you review and understand all of the requirements of an assignment before you begin the evaluation.

  • DO review all assignment preparation materials before your shop.
  • DO NOT wait until the last minute to begin preparing for your shop.

Proper preparation is essential because the entire report and visit may be disallowed if the details are not correctly completed.

If you are unsure about any portion of the shop, don’t guess! If it turns out to be wrong, the client may lose confidence in the entire report, which could invalidate your shop.

Even if the report is 99% correct, the small detail that is missed may be a component of great importance to the client or call the validity of the entire shop into question.    

In these cases, we cannot release the report to the client.  If we cannot release a report to the client, you won’t be paid the fee or reimbursed for any expenses associated with that assignment.

Following Instructions

  • No part of the shop scenario or instructions may be modified.
  • If the assignment guidelines are not followed, the report may not be able to be accepted.
  • Expenses and assignment fees are not paid for assignments that are invalidated due to deviation from the assignment guidelines.
  • All guidelines, including food and beverage ordering requirements, must be adhered to in order for a report to be accepted.
  • Any deviation from the guidelines, no matter how insignificant the deviation is perceived, may result in the report’s rejection.


Independent Contractor Agreement

All assignment guidelines, company guidelines, and provisions of the ICA apply to you & all guests that accompany you on our assignments.


One of the most essential attributes of a valuable mystery shopper is reliability. Reliable mystery shoppers have these characteristics:

  • They do complete the visits they accept.
  • They don’t cancel at the last minute.
  • They offer to reschedule an assignment in the event a conflict arises.
  • They submit their reports as soon as possible after the visit and before the deadline.
  • They are thoroughly prepared for their assignment
  • They don’t wait until the last minute to clarify any assignment details.

Mystery shoppers who gain a reputation for being reliable will quickly find many new opportunities available to them. The opposite is true for those who earn a reputation for being unreliable.

If you cannot complete an assignment or have a conflict, you must contact your scheduler immediately. You should offer to reschedule at the earliest possible date.

Don’t be surprised or upset if your scheduler does not allow you to reschedule your assignment. The project may be on a very strict deadline which does not fit into the dates you can complete the assignment.


Many projects require multiple visits or specific dates for their evaluations. Because of this, some projects include date restrictions for scheduling shops to meet their timing. This is why we ask for a planned date for your shops and why it is very important that you complete your shop on the planned date.

We understand that periodically a conflict arises that may prevent you from completing your assignment. We always try to accommodate mystery shoppers as the situation permits. Visits are part of a rotation, and it is not always possible to accommodate a rescheduling request. Likewise, it is not always possible to find a last minute replacement.

Be sure to check the assignment instructions and pay particular attention to any references to tight deadlines.

You will be assigned a specific day when your visit must be completed. Some projects may also involve a specific time or window of time. You cannot change the day and/or time of your evaluation without contacting your scheduler and receiving approval for the change.

Visits are part of a rotation, and accommodating a rescheduling request is not always possible. Likewise, it is not always possible to find a last-minute replacement.

Report submission is also very time sensitive. You should always submit your report as soon after your visit as possible. Each project will have its own deadline. However, the default deadline applies if a project does not include a specific period for report submission.

By default, reports are due by 24 hours after the scheduled date and time of the visit.

If you need more time to submit your report, you must request it before the deadline passes. Your request must include your name, shopper number, project name, location, and visit date. Please do not assume that your request has been approved until you receive a response from one of our team members.

Reports not submitted by the deadline are subject to a late fee or to a full rejection of the shop.

Assignments canceled within 48 hours of the planned date are subject to a rescheduling fee.

You will receive a confirmation when your report has been successfully submitted. We strongly recommend that you save the confirmation for your records.

If you need assistance, you can request it by contacting your scheduler or emailing


If an issue arises where you cannot complete an assigned shop on the planned date, please contact your scheduler and/or submit a support ticket as soon as possible. We will determine if the shop can be rescheduled for a different date or if we need to reassign it to another shopper.

Do not do the shop on a date other than the planned date without confirmation from our staff that it has been rescheduled for you.

Because of the time-sensitive nature of our business, mystery shoppers who consistently reschedule assignments, submit their reports late or are not available after the submission of their report will find their opportunities with our company very limited.


You must be able to remain anonymous while mystery shopping. Remaining anonymous is a crucial part of being a successful mystery shopper. You are not permitted to discuss the details of your activities with any person outside of The Sentry Marketing Group. When you are on an assignment, you should never do or say anything that will make you memorable or bring attention to yourself.

Never, under any circumstances, is a mystery shopper permitted to contact the client directly, regardless of the situation. This is clearly stated in the Independent Contractor Agreement that you agreed to when you signed up as a mystery shopper for our company.

Your sole points of contact for questions and concerns about your assignment are the scheduling coordinator specified in your assignment details and the help desk.

When Not to Accept a Shop

You may not accept an assignment if a conflict of interest exists with the client. A conflict of interest exists if:

  • You or any of your family, friends, or colleagues are related to any staff member of the client
  • You or any of your family, friends, or colleagues are acquainted with any staff member of the client
  • You or your immediate family or close friends have worked for the client in the last 12 months
  • You have interviewed to work for the client in the last 12 months
  • You have a pre-existing bias relating to the client or any of their employees that will impact your ability to remain neutral and/or accurately report on your experience.

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