If you are accepted to work as a mystery shopper with Sentry Insights, you will begin getting emails and texts, and assignments are available within a specific range of your zip code. We suggest you frequently log into the Sentry Shopper Portal to see if there are any open assignments near you or wherever you are traveling. Throughout the month, there are usually new opportunities introduced.


Success in mystery shopping depends on attention to detail, effective communication, and thorough planning. To make sure you fully comprehend the assignment requirements, always reread the guidelines and report form a few days before you are due to turn in your assignment.


During your mystery shop, pay great attention to what you see and encounter because your report needs to be entirely correct.


Please be ready for an editor’s follow-up and fact-checking question after you have turned in your assignment. After you have turned in your assignment, please be prepared for this question. Even for the most seasoned of evaluators, this is considered normal behavior. You will be provided with feedback that details the completeness and effectiveness of your feedback once the process has been completed and the client deliverable has been forwarded on to our client.

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