As a reputable mystery shopping operator, we have observed an upsurge in the number of scammers seeking to obtain your money or personal information.

See below for advice on how to stay safe and further details on current scams.

Common Scams

Gift Cards

These scams usually ask you to buy gift cards at Amazon, eBay, grocery stores, etc. Next, the scammers will ask you to send them images of the back of the cards with the PIN visible.


These scams usually involve mailing you a check. You will then be asked to deposit the check into your bank account and wire the proceeds back to the “mystery shopping company.” After a few days, you are then notified by your bank that the check did not clear.

Money Transfer

These scams usually ask to wire money to a “client” to test their customer service.

We do not have any programs involving
gift cards, checks or money transfers.

How To Avoid Scams

Pay Close Attention To The Details

  • Scammers have appropriated our logo and sent emails from domains very similar to ours, but with subtle differences like extra letters.
  • Scammers have sent communication using names similar to but not actually Sentry team members.
  • Sentry only sends emails from and domains. 
  • Be wary of emails from free email services like Yahoo, Hotmail, Live or similar providers.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…

Be suspicious of the following:

  • If you are mailed a check before completing any work, be very suspicious.
  • If you are asked to deposit a check and wire a portion of the proceeds
  • If you are asked to purchase gift cards and send an image of the gift card number with the PIN revealed

See Something, Say Something

  • Report suspected fraud to us immediately by emailing
  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission
  • Contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center
  • Contact the FBI


I received a large check from Sentry before completing any assignments. Is this a real check?

No. This is not a real check and you should not cash it. Sentry pays the majority of shoppers by direct deposit. We NEVER send a check in advance of completing an assignment. If you received a check bearing our logo and asked to deposit it and then buy gift cards or wire part of the proceeds, it is highly likely that this is a SCAM and we strongly advised that you do not cash this check. You can always email our help desk with any questions or concerns regarding payment or the validity of a check sent to you.

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